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Dow Jones Precious Metals Index-Make Great Money With The Precious Metals Index
By Josh Neumann

Ever wondered how people are making money on the Dow Jones precious metals index? The Dow Jones Precious metal index has always been the deciding factor for the performance of metal index across the globe. The Dow Jones Precious Metals Index represents the performance of United States trading stocks of companies engaged in the business of gold, silver and platinum group metals.

One can trade these metal stocks once they get included in the Dow Jones precious metals index. The criteria for metal stocks to get listed on the index are: 1) it must pass the screens design to eliminate least liquid stocks. 2) It must be a U.S. listed stock or an ADR and lastly, the listed company must qualify as a gold mining sub sector or precious metal sub sector of the ICB.

The index is based on market capitalization. Every company listed is represented by a symbol and the symbol becomes more popular in the trading world.

Investing in the precious metal index is a costly affair but it could pay off heavily if you are able to seize the opportunity of a lower rate as the premiums would be less too. The index charts depicts the index performance and it is available on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The Dow Jones precious metals index measure the performance of precious metals mining industry, gold producing companies, and silver and platinum group metals whose shares are available to U.S. citizens to trade. What can you do if you do not have the big money to invest on gold or platinum?

Several sector mutual funds run on metal index buying and selling metal stocks. Invest in such mutual funds and you don't have to worry about the heavy metal price, king size premiums and losses as the fund manager worries about that.

Remember, the precious metals index offers some serious growth potential, but only if you are an educated investor and know what you're doing. Unfortunately, all too many investors jump into an investment without having any clue about how to make money. Follow these tips, and you will make some great money with the Dow Jones precious metal index.

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